About Us

Dynamic Care Support is a United Kingdom-based care agency company. Our head office is in London.

Established in 2015 - a care agency company set up to provide excellent care to those in need of care to live safely and comfortably in their own homes or at our locations.

We offer sincere advice to our clients on caring matters which afford them peace of mind. 

We offer high-quality support and care for our clients by making sure our staff receive focused training, which ensures that the support and care delivered to each person are bespoke by understanding their needs and requirements. 

We train our staff to deliver skilled positive support approaches to ensure each person’s support and care reflects what is important to them and what they want to achieve.

Our service users need to be sure that Dynamic care support is a responsible and well-structured care company with a professional management and staff team, whose knowledge skills and attitudes are recognised, motivated, encouraged, developed and rewarded.

After all, it is their loyalty and commitment to the company and its service users, which will ultimately lead us to provide the highest quality care provision.

We work in a planned and structured way to provide for the people we care for by doing the right thing that matters to them. 

​Dynamic Care Support is a registered member of CQC.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide excellent care, respect the independence, dignity, choice and wellbeing of our service users. 

Our team share a proud belief in doing business the right way, dealing honestly and ethically with our clients, customers, suppliers, by working hard to meet or exceed the expectation of our client's needs.


Our mission is simple–a happy life by focusing on caring and making improvements where needed. 

•  The quality of support and care we provide.

•  Our staff, through training and mentoring.

•  Our evidenced-based practice and commitment to continuous improvement

•  Meaningful partnerships with the people we support and care for Commissioners and stakeholders.

In order to achieve the above, we work closely with our clients to assess and evaluate their care plan and recommend the best possible option for them should our client have questions at any point in time, our lines are open to arranging a meeting at their earliest convenient time.

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